Healthy World

Healthy World looks at social responsibility, conservation, environment and sustainability, and the role we can play in these areas.

Your children are the future… and we believe it’s never too early for them to understand the role they can play in contributing to a Healthy World.

Opportunities Can Include:

Sustainability Projects in Child Care Centre

Sustainability Projects

We believe teaching children about sustainability is important, and involving them in sustainable practices is something we strive to achieve in every Lifelong Learning Centre. This can include gardening, waste minimisation, electricity conservation and much more.

Bush Kindy

Bush Kindy is outdoor excursion incorporated into Lifelong Learning Centres which hands-on educates children on nature and environmental sustainability, all while having fun outdoors.
Children Recycling

Recycling Stations

The process and importance of recycling is emphasised through Lifelong Learning Centres. With dedicated recycling stations in centres, we work to make it easy for children and families to be actively involved in recycling and understand the benefit this has on the natural environment.
Children Learning about Gardening

Environmental Days

Children will determine the future of our environment, which is why we hold Environment Days at Lifelong Learning Centres. The focus of these days is to educate children on the importance of maintaining natural environment and encouraging sustainable behaviours, such as litter pick-up.
Children Watering Plants

Gardening Programs

Learning how to grow vegetables and herbs, including caring for the growing plants and harvesting, are important skills in maintaining a Healthy World now and into the future. Many Lifelong Learning Centres incorporate seasonal vegetable and herb gardens in outdoor play areas.
Child Holding Chicken

Centre Pets

Responsibility and an understanding of providing care are just two benefits of centre pets. Some Lifelong Learning Centres will adopt pets to help educate children and provide them with opportunities to care for animals, such as chickens or ducks.
Children Learning in Classroom

Human Rights Awareness

We seek to education children in our care about the rights they, and all others, deserve in life. From encouraging opinions on topics that matter to education on human rights matters, our educators aim to open the minds of children.
Children Learning About the World

Encouraging lateral thinking on a world scale

Our Healthy World activities and programs take place daily, weekly and at special times through the year at our child care centres.

The focus is always on the bigger picture - how we, as individuals and a collective community, can come together to make the world a better place.

We encourage awareness and involvement of families in these rich learning experiences.

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