Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is all about building emotional confidence, improving foundational learning and growing self-awareness.

Research shows emotional strength and well-being, and a love of learning can be developed well before children are able to fully express themselves verbally.

Opportunities Can Include:

Childrens Yoga


Yoga can provide a foundational basis for relaxation and mindfulness, particularly when managing demands of daily life. Children learn calming breathing techniques and yoga poses to release stress. 
Korean Lessons for Children

Language Classes

Learning an additional language is known to be very beneficial for children, particularly before they are school-aged. Language classes help children to develop academic skills, social understanding and cultural openness.
Childrens Puppeteer

Creative Expression Classes

Encouraging children to express their emotions and experiences is important, which is why our classes promote self-expression through art. Every child's perspective and creative process is unique, and our educators encourage children to expand on these skills.
Family Psychologist

Family Psychologist Presentations

Our centres host family psychologist presentations from time to time, which looks into behavioural development and how families can aid this journey at home.
STEM For Children


STEM (science, technology, english and math) basics are important to introduce to children, particularly in our school readiness programs. Foundational learning in these areas will aid the transition to school life.
Childrens Problem Solving Activities

Problem Solving

Children are encouraged to develop their problem solving skills through play-based learning and with leacher-led challenges in their daily routines. 
Children Learning Digitally

Developing emotional confidence and foundational skills

Our Healthy Minds programs and activities are designed to suit each age group and reflect the interests of the children and families who attend our centre.

By participating in Healthy Minds programs and activities, your child will be supported to develop emotional confidence, foundational learning and physical health and well-being.

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