Healthy Food

Healthy Food focuses on nutritional links between what we eat and our overall health and wellbeing.

The best ingredients are required to fuel growing bodies and minds. Our Healthy Food theme introduces children to important nutritional concepts and information so they are equipped with the knowledge to make informed food decisions.

Opportunities Can Include:

Children Cooking

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes help children to understand both the process of creating a meal, and the individual ingredients which contribute to the overall flavour of a dish. Our in-house cooks host hands-on cooking classes in our centres to upskill little chefs!
In House Chef at Child Care Centre

In-House Cooks

Rather than order ready-to-eat meals and snacks to our centres, we instead have in-house cooks who love preparing nutritious and delicious meals and snacks for children. We have a varying menu including seasonal ingredients which is sure to keep children interested.
Menu Board

Nutritional Recipes

Having healthy meals and snacks prepared by an in-house cook is one thing, but learning healthy recipes is a wonderful skill to take home. We provide easy and nutritious recipes for children to learn and try at home.
Child in Grocery Store

Fresh Food Excursions

In order to better understand healthy ingredients and what goes into a meal, our centres arrange fresh food excursions so children can have an active role in selecting the fresh ingredients used in their meals and snacks.
Washing Hands

Body Awareness

At Lifelong Learning Centres, we seek to education children on the link between healthy eating and body awareness. From healthy choices to food hygiene, children learn about the importance of good food intake.
Happy Children

Fruit and Vegetable Tastings

The best way to expand our healthy diets is by trying new foods! At Lifelong Learning Centres, a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables are on offer for morning tea and snacks. Children will have the opportunity to try new healthy options throughout the year!
Herbs Growing in Garden

Vegetable and Herb Gardens

What better way to have fresh vegetables and herbs than to grow them in our own centre gardens?! Our centres grow seasonal herbs and vegetables and teach children along the way how to nurture the plants and keep them growing.
Teaching Children About Healthy Food

Teaching the benefits of good food choices

All Lifelong Learning Centres ensure nutritious food is prepared and served for children in our care, and we support families with relevant information so you can positively reinforce these messages at home.

Your child will benefit from our Healthy Food programs by linking the food they eat with the way their bodies learn, play and grow.

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