Healthy Families

Healthy Families relates to developing emotional confidence, social connectivity and appreciation.

It takes a village to raise a child – and when your child attends one of our child care centre communities, we become a part of your village.

Opportunities Can Include:

Children at Breakfast Table

Family Breakfasts

Meal times are a great opportunity for family time. Throughout the year, our Lifelong Learning Centres will invite you in for a family breakfast, where you can enjoy some extra family time and meet the rest of our centre community.
Child with Grandparent

Aged Care Home Visits

Seeing the bright smiles on childrens faces can lift the moods of many, which is why we take excursions to local aged care homes. Not only does this develop a cross-generational bond, it also builds on the importance of family.
Parent Reading to Children

Parent Reading Rosters

Children love reading time, especially when it's a parent reading to them. We invite parents into our centres on a reading roster to spend extra time with children and become a closer part of our centre family.
Grandparents with Child

Grandparents Day

Children often have special bonds with their grandparents. Lifelong Learning Centres understand this, and invite grandparents into the centre to be a part of their grandchild's exciting child care experience.
Child Playing with Mum Present

Family Information Sessions

Lifelong Learning Centres focus on keeping families up-to-date. While updates are often uploaded to Storypark, we also provide family information sessions from time to time to ensure families are kept in the loop of all centre activities, updates and announcements.
Happy Children

Seasonal Events and Celebrations

Lifelong Learning Centres will often involve your family in seasonal events and celebrations, including Easter, Christmas, Mothers and Fathers Days and more. Such events on the annual calendar are important to include families.
Family Smiling

Helping children understand the importance of family

The Early Years Learning Framework Belonging, Being, and Becoming is at the heart of our Healthy Families events and activities. These are designed to strengthen the bonds between our child care centre, the local and wider community, and your family.

Your child will learn not only how they benefit – but more importantly – how they can make a positive contribution to your family and local community.

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