Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities focuses on building community belonging, contribution and longevity.

It's important to introduce community concepts to children at an early age, to develop an understanding of a team environment, giving back to the community, creating a sense of belonging for all and contributing to the longevity of the local community.

Opportunities Can Include:

Child Care Centre Diversity

Cultural Inclusion

Australia is one of the most multicultural nations, which is something we like embrace at Lifelong Learning Centres. We encourage children to learn about and be involved in cultural celebrations from around the world at different times of the year.
Children Drawing

Charity Fundraising

Teaching children to give back to the community is important and something we try to adopt in all Lifelong Learning Centres. We will commit to fundraising for various charitable causes throughout the year and encourage children to be involved and understand this process.
Child Dresses as Fireman

Fire, Police and Ambulance Visits

Our Lifelong Learning Centres aim to grow the respect and appreciation for our emergency service workers across Australia at a young age. We educate children on emergency services, including how to call these services, and about the impact they have on our communities.
Child Hugging Educator

Social Support Services

Social support services are available to children and families in need. If you or your child are in need of domestic support or specialised care, please call us for more information on 1800 CHILD CARE.
Child and Educator Playing

Becoming active members of the community

Giving back to the community is an important part of growing up. Not only does becoming a more active member of the community help with developing respect and understanding for different people and lifestyles, it also creates a sense of accomplishment in children for having helped people in need.

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