3-5 Years: Preschool and Kindergarten Services

School Readiness

Preparing for school is an exciting time in a child’s life, and our staff are here to support your child during this learning journey, while having fun along the way. After progressing from early years child care, our preschool and kindergarten programs are designed to further encourage your child’s growth and development with stimulating activities and experiences.

Ensuring your child feels comfortable in a classroom environment and has a desire to engage in learning and with their educators and peers is crucial at this point in their lives. Our classrooms and playgrounds are designed to stimulate play-based learning while helping your child build confidence socially, emotionally and physically, which sets them up for a love of lifelong learning.

Why choose a Lifelong Learning Centre for your child's preschool or kindergarten years?

In every Lifelong Learning Centre ‘School Readiness’ classroom, you can be confident that your child is receiving the personalised attention they need. Early childhood professionals understand that there is more to being ‘ready for big school’ than academic ability. Our educators take a holistic, play-based approach to implement the five outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework and support intentional teaching of language, literacy and numeracy through play based learning. Our centres follow a Healthy Children framework of events, activities, incursions and excursions to encourage the development of your child’s mind, body, and connection to the people and places in the world around them.

We call this stage ‘School Readiness’ and a combination of play-based and teacher-led experiences will help your child develop interests in:
  • Sustainability and the natural world
  • Science, technology and math
  • Reading and writing
  • Community events, excursions and contributions
  • Cultural inclusion including recognition of Indigenous Australians
  • Sport, dance, and physical development
  • Self-expression, self-awareness and self-respect
  • 'School Ready' skills: lunch box, toileting, dressing and classroom dynamics

Parent participation

Lifelong Learning Centres warmly welcome parents to fully participate in their child’s School Readiness journey through parent information sessions, teacher interviews, and in-room participation. We provide regular learning updates on Storypark and in children’s portfolios. By sharing your goals and visions for your child’s early learning years with their teacher, and making full use of the relevant state-approved kindergarten or pre-school programs* you can be sure your child will thrive now, and be keen to engage with educational opportunities for life.

Once your child progresses to school, some Lifelong Learning Centres also offer out of school hours care programs. These programs are specifically designed to provide a fun, safe and stimulating environment to further develop social skills.
*All Lifelong Learning Centres offer state-approved early learning curriculums as part of our School Readiness approach. This includes kindergarten programs in Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria and pre-school programs in New South Wales and the ACT.
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