1-3 Years: Toddler Child Care

Early Experiences

During the exciting toddler ages, our child care centres offer a wonderland of play-based early learning environments and experiences. Our qualified early childhood educators encourage curiosity, confidence, and a love of learning.

The ages of 1-3 offer amazing opportunities for learning and growth. Your toddler will love getting to know their teacher, who is trained to encourage child-led indoor and outdoor play. Our child care curriculums are available to see displayed in each room, and are aligned to the Australian Early Years Learning frameworkBelonging, Being and Becoming’.

Why choose a Lifelong Learning Centre during the toddler years?

Quality early education is a valuable in the first five years of a child’s life, and our child care centres provide a safe, supportive place for your child’s self-identity and awareness to grow. We value each child’s individual interests and opinions, treating them with respect and love.

The play-based experiences a toddler has in day care are where the real learning happens! Lifelong Learning Centres provide a Healthy Children framework of events, activities, incursions and community excursions - to enrich your child’s early learning experience. You’ll share these moments via the free Storypark app - keeping you connected to those magical moments in every toddler’s life.

We call this stage ‘Early Experiences’, and our qualified educators will encourage:
  • Exploration and creativity
  • Communication skills, sharing and co-operation
  • Problem solving and resilience
  • Group dynamics and solitary play
  • Discovery of science and nature
  • Connection with family and community
  • Mindfulness and the ability to self-calm
  • Exploration of languages, music and art
  • Awareness of literacy, math and scientific concepts

What’s provided for your toddler in our child care centres?

Each room in a Lifelong Learning Centre will be set up to reflect the interests of the toddlers and to stimulate enquiry, exploration and engagement, along with quiet spaces for ‘alone time’. Our centres provide fresh meals and encourage regular rest times to ensure those growing brains can absorb everything they are learning! Your toddlers will be welcome to follow their own routine and sense of adventure. Every day is a little bit different - and every day is always full of fun!

Once your toddler has progressed in their emotional, social, foundational and physical milestones, our educators will discuss with you the right time for them to transition into the next age groups, before they commence a school readiness program for 3-5 year olds.

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