Healthy Bodies; Encouraging Children to Get Active

Healthy Bodies; Encouraging Children to Get Active

The children are having a ball this summer at Lifelong Learning Centres, playing and exercising outdoors in our play areas, sandpits and water parks.

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The truth is, children are naturally physically active and love to move around. If there’s something to climb – they’ll climb it! It’s as children grow older and the other distractions of life start to take over that kids can gradually become less active, and negative lifestyle habits and perceptions of exercise creep in.

It’s important to encourage children to develop an enjoyment of being active from the very beginning. Once children discover a love of being active and associate exercising with having fun with their friends and feeling happy, these early experiences and attitudes are more likely to last into adulthood.

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Summer is the perfect time to promote exercise with so many opportunities to get moving outdoors. January is ‘Healthy Bodies Month’ at Lifelong Learning Centres and we are engaging in lots of fun outdoor activities, and raising awareness of Summer Sun Safety with Lifelong Learning families. With rising rates of childhood obesity in Australia, active living is a critical message that should be instilled at home and in child care as just a natural way of life.

There are so many fun ways kids can get moving. From riding bikes, playing ball games with friends, walking the dog, dancing around the house, practising yoga to a good old-fashioned game of tag.

Here’s some simple tips to help encourage your child to get active:
  1. Encourage age appropriate activities that are suited to their developmental stage and will keep them engaged
  2. Focus on fun! Make the experience a happy and positive one
  3. Bring more movement and activity into your daily routine to make it a way of life
  4. Get involved in being active with your child – this could even just be active play
  5. Encourage your child to explore and participate in different activities to find what they enjoy most
  6. Limit screen time and sedentary behaviour by setting some boundaries at home
  7. Get outside - the beautiful Australian sunshine makes it easy and enjoyable to go to the park or walk to the shops instead of drive
  8. Make active family time like going for a family bike ride instead of watching TV together
Lifelong Learning Centres provide high quality education with a unique holistic Healthy Children Framework. Find a Lifelong Learning Centre near you and book a tour to chat to your Centre Manager about the variety of specialist incursions, excursions and activities they run to promote Healthy Bodies.
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