The NRL Pilots New Munchkin League Program at Lifelong Learning Centres

The NRL Pilots New Munchkin League Program at Lifelong Learning Centres

Lifelong Learning Centres new holistic Healthy Children framework is in full swing throughout our 160+ childcare centres across Australia! Each centre runs its own unique blend of fun activities, incursions and excursions promoting six core themes including; Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Food, Healthy Communities, Healthy Families and Healthy World.

We were excited to hear that in South East Queensland, the NRL have developed an action-packed new Early Childhood Development Program for ages 3-5 years, which has recently been endorsed by Griffith University. The program was trialled in some of our Lifelong Learning Centres and has received a fantastic response from both children and educators.

Munchkin League in action at Bambini Australia Childhood Development (Coombabah)

“The children just loved it!” said Theresa Phillips, Centre Manager at Bambini Coombabah. “There was a lot of laughter, heaps of energy and excitement when they achieved something new. The Munchkin League team are a pleasure to work with and it’s a great program that aligns perfectly with our philosophy of nurturing happy and healthy children.” 

Munchkin League has been developed to engage children in learning fine and gross motor skills, problem solving abilities and communication and teamwork. The program supports social and emotional growth and assists children to develop independence, self-confidence and self-awareness. The 45 minute sessions are delivered by fully qualified early childhood educators, and designed specifically for 3-5 years, suitable for children of all abilities and skills. 

Aligning with the Lifelong Learning Centres philosophy of learning through play, and our unique holistic approach to promoting Healthy Children, Munchkin League was a perfect fit to incorporate into our centres ‘Healthy Bodies’ programs and incursions. Lifelong Learning Centres actively promote physical activity in a fun and interactive environment, encouraging children to adopt this habitual behaviour from the very beginning.

It has been proven that healthy habits adopted from an early age are more likely to stay with children as they move through life, supporting them to achieve their full potential now and into the future. It is so important that children are engaged in a variety of positive experiences of physical activity that they enjoy, and where they have fun! It’s safe to say this was achieved with Munchkin League at Bambini Coombabah, where the children were able to try something new and build friendships, while also learning to respect others and appreciate that everybody is unique. 

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