Community Working Bee Creates a Buzz at Pitt Town Preschool

Community Working Bee Creates a Buzz at Pitt Town Preschool

This year saw the launch of the Lifelong Learning Centres ‘Working Bee’; a forum where families are invited to share ideas for improvements that could be made to their centre to make it an even more fun place to play and learn – and how the community can help make them happen! 

Many the 160+ Lifelong Learning Centres across Australia have seen some outstanding developments to their centre as a result of their community’s passion, resourcefulness and sometimes a bit of elbow grease too!
Nadina Elias, Centre Manager at Pitt Town Preschool in New South Wales, shares her Working Bee experience.
“Building positive and collaborative partnerships within our families and communities is all part of what we love to do as a childcare centre. So we jumped on board the opportunity to host a Working Bee with our wonderful centre community and were delighted to see their enthusiasm in participating!”

“After listening to their ideas, we felt putting our efforts into developing our outdoor environments was the perfect way to give back to our children and families. On Sunday the 19th and Saturday the 24th of November the team and families from Pitt Town Preschool worked together to transform three outdoor environments. A job like this takes a lot of busy hands and we were so blessed to have so many awesome families & friends within the community pitching in. We even had our sister centre Pitt Town Early Learning Centre and our newly appointed Area Manager join in which shows the support and team spirit within the Lifelong Learning Centres group!” Nadina continued.


“As a team we laid over 230 square metres of turf, barrowed 12 tonnes of soil, created garden bed areas, built a sandpit equipped with shade, installed a new fort and gave the entire area a good clean! All these new facilities will be put to good use encouraging the children to further develop a passion in caring for the environment and assist in the development of imaginary play.”

“Seeing our children excitedly explore their surroundings and hearing the wonderful feedback from families has made the long hard days totally worth it and we cannot wait to make many amazing memories with our children, families and team in our new and improved outdoor environments.”

Lifelong Learning Centres provide high quality early years education and care with a holistic approach to nurturing healthy children. Our unique Healthy Children framework includes six core themes that promote the foundations of living a healthy lifestyle that will help children reach their full potential, now and into the future. These themes include; Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Food, Healthy Communities, Healthy World and Healthy Families. Our Working Bees are a fantastic opportunity to further develop and bring these themes to life within our centres.

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